Following Lucas’ rumor emerged, Chinese fans simultaneously sold his cards; Promotion schedule has been canceled

As more evidence against Lucas emerged, the situation grew more serious than it had ever been.

After rumors about Lucas‘ private life emerged, fans began to lose faith in the male idol. It is well known that Lucas’ cards are being sold in large quantities by fans on Twitter and Weibo. Fans also unfollowed the male idol, now his number of followers has decreased a lot.

Previously, a fan station that is said to be the fan base in China of Lucas also announced to close the fan page; all admins stepped down.

On the other hand, Lucas’ music show promotion schedule was also canceled. Originally, WayV’s 2-member unit was planning to appear on the M! Countdown on August 26 to promote the new song “Jalapeño.” However, Lucas and Hendery’s names are absent from M! Countdown’s lineup, which was just revealed this afternoon.

Before that, WayV’s Lucas and Hendery still appeared in the teaser of M!Countdown

According to a source from SPOTV News, Lucas has had all upcoming schedules canceled by the company due to controversies surrounding his private life.

Previously, the live broadcast to commemorate the release of the new song on the same day was also canceled.

In addition, fans are now also asking not to release the ‘Jalapeno’ MV tomorrow, or they will write a petition. At that moment, the person who suffered the most is probably Hendery, who is supposed to release a new song with Lucas tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, on the afternoon of August 25, Lucas wrote a letter of apology on Instagram and announced that he would suspend all activities.

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