Following Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon, Ma Dong-seok confirmed to appear in the 2022 movie “Concrete Utopia” worldview

The people to appear in the “Concrete Utopia” worldview will be confirmed day by day. Two movies and one drama sharing the same worldview are being produced.

According to reports in the film industry on December 27th, Ma Dong-seok has recently confirmed his appearance in movie “Concrete Utopia 2”. “Concrete Utopia” was created based on the second part of the webtoon “Happy Outcast” by Kim Sung-nyung, and it depicts what happens to those who survive in the only remaining apartment in Seoul after a massive earthquake.

The first part is directed by Um Tae-hwa, and it features Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon, Park Bo-young, Kim Sun-young, and Park Ji-hoo. “Concrete Utopia” already completed filming its first part in August and is currently proceeding with the second half.

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“Concrete Utopia 2” is a dystopia action film that tells the story happening a long time after the worldview of “Concrete Utopia”. Part 2 will be the first film directed by Heo Myung-haeng, the martial arts director for various movies, such as “The Good, the Bad, the Weird”, “New World”, “Vincenzoand D.P. Director Heo Myung-haeng and Ma Dong-seok already built trust by working together in “Ground Zero”, raising expectations for their teamwork in “Concrete Utopia 2”.

It’s a rare case in the Korean film industry that the second part’s production has already started, although the first film has not yet been released yet. It seems like Lotte Entertainment and Climax Studio are really confident in “Concrete Utopia” content.

Concrete Utopia 2

In addition, not only movies, the producers have already begun filming drama “Concrete Market” on November 14th. “Concrete Market” is a work that shares the worldview of “Concrete Utopia” and depicts an incident in which an unbroken apartment becomes a place for barter in a world that has been ruined since the earthquake. This drama is directed by Hong Ki-won and features actors Lee Jae-in, Hong Kyung, Jung Man-sik, Kim Kook-hee, Yoo Soo-bin, Choi Jung-woon, and Song Ji-in. 

Concrete Utopia 2

Depending on the pandemic situation, the release date will be arranged and announced later, but “Concrete Utopia” aims to release on the big screen next year. After the first film meets the audiences in theaters, “Concrete Market” and “Concrete Utopia 2” will be introduced. This will be the first Korean video content that shares one worldview, just like Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

It is noteworthy that “Marvel actors” Park Seo-joon and Ma Dong-seok, will participate in the “Concrete Utopia” series. Park Seo-joon will act in “The Marvel” (Captain Marvel 2), and Ma Dong-seok already showed up in “Eternals.” Therefore, the two are expected to have a positive effect on making the “Concrete Utopia” series known to the world.

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