Following Girls’ Generation, EXID and Kara are back… The reason why fans welcome second-generation idols’ return

Successive comebacks of “second-generation idols” are being welcomed by K-pop fans.

Recently, “the return of girl group unnies” is a hot topic in the music industry. Second-generation girl groups that swept popularity from the late 2000s to the mid-2010s are returning one after another.

First gen girls groups

Girls’ Generation, which celebrated their 15th debut anniversary this year, released the 7th full-length album “FOREVER 1” on Aug 5th – their debut day. It was their first comeback as a whole in 5 years since the 6th full-length album “Holiday Night” released in 2017.


EXID will continue the heat of the “second-generation girl group comeback”, which was opened by “legend” Girls’ Generation. EXID will release the new album “X” to commemorate their 10th debut anniversary on Sep 29th. It is the first time in 3 years that they release a new album as a whole in Korea.


Kara, which was one of the leaders among second-generation girl groups, will also make a comeback in November this year to mark their 15th debut anniversary. It is the first time in 7 years that they release an album as a whole since the 7th mini album “In Love” in May 2015.

Regarding successive comebacks of “second-generation girl groups”, a music industry official said, “There’s still a market need for second-generation idols, so they’ll unite officially or in the form of an event. The return of legends will be a great gift for K-pop fans. The fact that the members are active in different fields then unite at a good time is setting a good example in the music industry.”

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Another official shared, “In fact, idol groups are often scattered after their 7th year, so there’s a well-known term called ‘7-year curse’. I think the recent comeback of second-generation girl groups will serve as a model. It’ll have a good impact on idol juniors.”

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