Flashy and luxurious vehicles that appear in BLACKPINK’s MVs

BLACKPINK members not only wear luxury clothes, but also drive fancy cars in their MVs. 

In addition to their addictive music and the members’ gorgeous visuals, BLACKPINK’s MVs also attract attention thanks to the stunning and expensive sets and props, boasting YG’s next-level production cost. Flashy and luxury vehicles are often spotted in the girls’ MVs. 

On September 16, BLACKPINK released the MV for their latest title track “Shut Down” from the 2nd full album “BORN PINK”. For this comeback, BLACKPINK’s new MVs for “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down” were confirmed by YG to have the highest production budget in history. The two supercars in “Shut Down” MV immediately drew attention.

A scene at the beginning of “Shut Down” MV shows Rosé driving a pink roofless car. This is a Lamborghini Huracan EVO with a retail price of around $209,409.

The second supercar seen in “Shut Down” MV is a SUV Lamborghini Urus with Lisa in the driver’s seat. The retail price of this model is about $221,506. In the MV, the license plate of this car is “BLPK – 1NUR – AR2A”, which means “BLACKPINK in your area”.

The supercar used in the MV Pink Venom is the Jaguar Xj, one of the brand’s most luxurious cars. This model has a listed price of nearly $275.000.

In her solo debut MV “On The Ground”, Rosé shocked many netizens when she did not hesitate to burn an expensive supercar, a Lincoln Limousine which has been discontinued since 2012. The car was refurbished to match the concept of “On The Ground” and has successfully created a highlight for the MV. It has a price of about $127.000.

In her solo debut MV “LALISA”, there are scenes where the youngest member of BLACKPINK shows off her cool end attractive image driving a motorcycle. That motorcycle driven by Lisa is the Panigale V4 S version from the famous Italian automaker brand Ducati with the price of about $43.000.

Source: yan

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