Five-year-old idol group BTS’s a-million-member fancafe, a real miracle.

Idol group BTS (RM, Jin, Sugar, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jung Kook), who have debuted for five years, are reported to have the fancafe that reached one million for the number of members.

At 1 A.M on July 15th, BTS’ official Daum fancafe passed the one million member milestone. At 9 A.M on July 15th, the fancafe’s official member number was reported to be 1,007,341.

With this achievement, the group’s impressive popularity can be seen. To enter BTS’s fancafe, ARMYs have to take part in the annual paid membership recruitment. To upgrade their class, the fans have to pass certain quizzes and missions.

Not only has their fancafe proved how famous they are, but their official SNS sites have also proved how popular BTS is. The Twitter account that the group’s members directly manage has now reached 15,500,000 followers.

Through their fancafe and SNS, BTS can communicate and show their love to fans by posting pictures, thoughts and videos in their fancafe and their schedule, behind-the-scene videos on their SNS and Youtube.

Sources: newsen

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