Five things you might not know about Song Mino

Who is that? What’s so good? It is Song Mino’s new song “FIANCÉ”. And if you do not know who Mino is, then the article below will give you an overview of the one who is sweeping big and small music charts.

We are so immersed in YG’s biased drama with BLACKPINK’s Jennie without realizing that Mino’s “FIANCÉ” is climbing on various Korean music charts. If you have just come across this track accidentally on Youtube and were immediately impressed by it, here are some things you need to know about Song Mino, who brought us a great song.

Born on March 30th, 1993, 180 cm tall and a member of WINNER (YG Entertainment), this Mino is who you can easily Google out. But here are 5 interesting facts that even hardcore fans of this guy might not know.

1. Song Mino debuted before WINNER did

Known as a rapper, but surprisingly, Song Mino, before debuting with WINNER, was in a ballad group … B.O.M (Blooming Of our Music). Prior to joining YG, Mino debuted with B.O.M in 2011 under the stage name Tagoon, however, the group only lasted for 2 years.

2. Song Mino almost joined BlockB

Before debuting with B.O.M, Mino had planned to become a member of BlockB. He made friends with BlockB members for a long time, while still active underground. Mino was even on BlockB’s member list until the very end, for some reason, he did not debut in the group. However, he maintains his strong friendship with BlockB members.

3. In 2012, Song Mino tried his luck as an actor

While still being a member of B.O.M, Song Mino participated in a cable television project titled “Kpop – The Last Survivors.” He plays a lifelong guy named Park Ki Bum. It is not known if he acted or actually showed his human nature because he somehow had a swag style in real life. Therefore, playing the role of a bad boy is not difficult for him.

4. Mino has a beautiful idol younger sister

Mino’s younger sister, Song Danah, is an idol from New F.O. They debuted almost at the same time. In the group, Danah was the youngest. However, New F.O. did not last long. Danah is just one year younger than Mino, so the two are very close.

5. Mino was almost the leader of team A

You may not know details about Mino, but you must know WINNER, previously known as team A in the survival show “Who’s Next” of YG. Kang Seungyoon is the leader of WINNER and team A, but before that, Mino had been appointed to be the leader. It is fine, Mino, you are always the dumb and dumber hyung of the group!

Plus: Mino was once over-weighed. Even now he looks a bit underweight, he even nicknames himself “Song Piggy”.

In addition, Mino also has panic disorder. He shared about himself in JTBC’s “Human Intelligence”: “I has panic disorder, especially around the beginning of this year. I thought it was just a few emotional stresses at the time. It is always good to be happy to appear in front of people, then behind the scenes how much trouble and responsibility that I need to face. I overcome myself by trying to confide in people like me, things start to get better. “

Is there anything about Song Mino that you feel most surprised at? Thank you, Mino for overcoming all difficulties and failures to become today’s Mino. Thank you for your time and dedication to high-quality products. Thank you Mino!

Source: K14

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