Fire up ARMY! The hit that made the name of BTS officially established new achievements on YouTube

BTS’s “Fire” has just officially hit a new record in terms of views on YouTube.

On the evening of February 10, BTS continued to “strengthen” the title of “YouTube King” of Kpop while receiving good news from the hit “Fire“. The music video has officially reached 500 million views on YouTube. Thus, “Fire” is the second MV after “DNA” to hit this record milestone.

BTS’s “Fire” music video officially achieved 500 million YouTube views

Released on May 1, 2016, “Fire” is considered one of the hit songs that make the name of BTS thanks to the charm and imprint that the song left until now. Not only does it have a huge view count, but “Fire” also receives a huge number of likes with over 5 million likes on YouTube. With these figures, the Big Hit male group is increasingly showing their strong coverage not only limited to Kpop but also on the international market.

MV “Fire” – BTS
Congratulations to BTS “Fire” for reaching 500 million views. Fire up!

Source: kenh14

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