“FINDING GENIUS”: BTS RM is in the top 1,3% of Korea with his IQ 148

What was the secret that made the difference between average and extraordinary?

The fifth main character at SBS’ “FINDING GENIUS“, which airs on May 29, is RM, the leader of the group BTS that is conquering the world.

RM’s real name is Kim Nam-joon, and his childhood dream was to be a poet. But around the sixth grade, Epik High’s “fly” gave him another dream of doing music.

Kim Nam-joon, a boy who had wanted to do many things and had many dreams, was excellent at studying. With his IQ of 148 and TOEIC scores 850 points which he studied by himself in middle school, RM is indeed a brain-sexy man in the top 1.3%.

But all the BTS members agree that he’s a super clumsy guy. He shows a totally different side with his clumsiness which gave him the nickname of “Destructive Monster” among fans.

So, what was RM’s musical ability before his debut? There was one person who has fall for RM’s skill right at first sight at a rap audition during RM’s middle school period and connected RM with Big Hit Entertainment. That person is rapper Sleepy. Sleepy says that RM in middle school was not only good at rapping, but also his writing lyrics skill was like no other. There was something Sleepy kept for a long time, a rap piece from boy Kim Nam-jun when he was a middle school student. RM’s middle school rap will be unveiled for the first time through “FINDING GENIUS“.

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