Financial circles release an analysis on Big3’s debut: JYP’s breakout, SM and YG’s being at a standstill

According to financial indicators and plans, experts have made their predictions about the future of the new generation of Big3.

Accordingly, SM will not debut any girl group in the next 2 years. This made the public surprised because there have been some leaked information about a girl group’s debut in 2018 or in the first half of 2019 with SM Rookies’ trainees. In fact, the rumor may be right as SM is boosting the investment into male groups like EXO, SHINee and especially NCT’s global project.

Regarding YG, the company plans to release a boy group through a reality show like “WIN: Who’s next” or “Mix & Match”. In addition, the experts predict that Bang Yedam will be the center of this project.

In contrast to the two rivals, JYP will be very busy in the next 2 years with 5 projects launched according to expert judgments. Up until now, JYP has introduced the boy group that certainly will make their debut this year, Boy Story. The following projects will be the girl group active in 2 of JYP’s strongest markets: Korea and Japan. Thanks to many talented and well-known trainees, experts say that JYP will probably take full advantage to debut a new generation of TWICE.

If everything becomes true according to financial analysts’ predictions, within the next five years JYP will dominate the girl group markets. However, the popularity of the senior girl groups from SM and YG as well as unexpected events coming from these two companies will make things become more unpredictable. All predictions are just for reference, the decision-2making power still belongs to Big3.

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