Female singers with most listeners in the first 24 hours: Sunmi loses to new rival

In addition to Sunmi’s loss of the throne,another surprise is that despite releasing new music this year, Taeyeon does not appear on the list.

Melon – the number one digital music chart with the highest market share in Korea – is usually the site where fans of Kpop artists focus on the total attack when a new song is released. Unique Listener volume in the first 24 hours (paid account and only one time daily) is also a recent criterion to evaluate the popularity of a song.

Appearing in the Top 5 Female Singers with thehighest number of listeners in the first 24 hours on Melon in 2018 are both thefamiliar artists and some new ones. What is surprising is that despitereleasing new music this year, Taeyeon does not appear on this list.

Despite “Something New” releasing around the middle of the year, Taeyeon doesn’t appear on the list

An opponent which is said to be weaker than Taeyeon – Suzy is on the list. Sunmi is the only female artist to be in the top with two songs released this year, “Heroine” and “Siren”. Suddenly ranked above Sunmi is the “new generation digital music queen” Heize. The top is IU with the 10th-anniversary song that just released.

IU, Heize, and Sunmi dominate the top three,and Sunmi owns two songs

Here are the top 5 female singers who own songs with the most listeners in the first 24 hours on Melon in 2018:

Suzy’s”I’m In Love With Someone Else” in #5 with 744,187 views
Punch’s”Good Bye” comes in at #4 785,085
Sunmi is in the top three thanks to two hit “Heroine” and “Siren”with 864,014 views and 907,675 views
“Jenga”helps Heize to No. 2 with 1,081,577 views
The winner is IU’s “BBIBBI” with 1,462,625 views
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