Female Kpop idols that erased the beauty standards of small face and double eyelids

Yeji, Jennie and Seulgi are famous for the beauty that is different from Kpop’s standard. The round face and single eyelids make them even more attractive.

Yeji received a lot of attention when she debuted with the group ITZY last February. She is favored by the company and also quickly has a large fan base. Her fancams often have the highest views of the group. The special feature of Yeji is the beauty that does not follow the Kpop standard. She has chubby cheeks and sharp eyelids. Yeji’s beauty is complimented as a blend of lovely, charming and coolness.

Yeji reminds the public of many seniors, especially Jennie Kim (Black Pink), Seulgi (Red Velvet) or Sohee (Wonder Girls). They all have plump faces, sharp eyes, totally different from the beauty standards of Korea, which “worship” the small faces and big double eyelids. Articles comparing Yeji with two famous sisters help her get more attention. Born in 2000, Yeji is the eldest member and the leader of ITZY.

Yeji’s strength is choreography, but she also sings and raps very well. Her appearance perfectly matches with the girl-crush style, so she is favored by JYP in the debut MV “Dalla Dalla”. Not only did Yeji have the longest screen time, but she had the most lines of singing, rap among the 5 members, not to mention she also holds the center position of the group. Therefore, after watching ITZY’s performance, many have admitted that they were impressed by the 19-year-old idol.

The promotion hasn’t ended yet but ITZY has already won 4 trophies on music programs. JYP’s group appeared with S.E.S to keep the record for the most successful female group with the debut song. ITZY’s videos often top Naver TV as soon as they air, while the song Dalla Dalla is still ranked 3rd in Melon. The above achievements prove that ITZY’s popularity does not rely solely on the company force and the title of Twice‘s junior.

Similar to Yeji, Seulgi, in addition to her unique beauty, owns the talents in both dance and singing. Between her and JYP’s juniors, there are many things in common, especially, both of them take on the main dancer roles. Not to mention, ITZY and Red Velvet are similar in number of members.

Seulgi was born in 1994, with outstanding dancing skills, decisive and beautiful movements. In the beginning, she was supported by SM, regularly taking the center position and participating in many entertainment programs. Later, Irene’s popularity was somewhat overwhelming Seulgi.

Recently, 5 members performed music concerts within the world tour. According to a source, the group will have a comeback in the summer of 2019 with a lively, fresh song.

Working in a group with many beautiful members like Black Pink, Jennie is still the most popular girl. Jennie is also a versatile girl, good rapping, vocal and dance so YG is very supportive of her. Jennie’s beauty is judged as luxurious, charming, sweet and lovely when smiling.

Jennie is the first member of Black Pink to release her own MV called Solo. The song is still ranked high on the Melon chart even though it has been released for months.

In Jennie’s career, fame went along with notoriety. She was repeatedly criticized for being superficial and lazy on stage despite being favored by the company. The quick love affair between her and Kai, the EXO member also made Jennie’s reputation badly affected.

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