Female idol shocked everyone because she looks like ‘a 10-year-old child’

Recently, the girlgroup Busters announced addition of 2 new members.  These two rookies are Yasuda Takara, born in 2005, from Japan; and Jeon Minji, born in 2006, from South Korea.  On Kpop forums, netizens are focusing on Minji’s appearance. The 14-year-old idol has such a petite figure and a young, baby face that she was mistaken for … an elementary school student.

In a video of the members appearing in a restaurant, the youngest member Minji received special care from other members.  The moment Ji Soo fed Minji caused a stir by making netizens surprised to realize how young Minji looks. Ji Soo was born in 2003, only 3 years older than Minji but the image of the two girls sitting close to each other is like a middle school older sister and an elementary baby sister.  Many netizens even claim that if they didn’t know Minji’s real age, they would have thought that she’s just a 10 year old girl.

 Many Kpop idols debut at a young age like SHINee’s Tae Min (born in 1993, debuted in 2008), Sun Mi (born in 1992, debuted in 2007), Jang Won Young of IZONE (born in 2004, debuted in 2018) … However, this is the first case where a female idol gains the attention because of her young appearance that made the public confuse her with an elementary school student.

Some comments on Pann Nate are as follows: “There are many idols who debuted at the age of 15 but this girl looks incredibly young”;  “Looks like elementary school students. Jeon Somi and Jang Won Young also debut around this age but they are taller than other kids of their age”; …

Sources: k-buzz

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