Fans who pay for the messenger service are angry at Red Velvet Joy’s lack of communication

Fans of Red Velvet are angry that member Joy is neglecting the paid messenger service “Bubble”, which idols can use to communicate with fans.

On Oct 13th, an article appeared on the online community Nate titled “Idols who haven’t sent SM bubbles for a month. Are fans just a joke to you?”. “Bubble” is a paid messenger service that allows fans to receive messages directly from their favorite artists and reply in the form of 1:1 chat if they pay a monthly subscription fee of 4,500 won. 

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The author of the article said Joy hasn’t sent a bubble since the 15th of last month, adding, “Over the past two years, she only appeared 2 to 3 times each month. Last time, she didn’t send anything for 28 days.

“But that doesn’t mean she sends a lot of messages each time. Only about 2 to 10 messages. Other members send Bubble messages regularly even if they are busy. Does she have time to text her lover now that she is in a relationship but doesn’t have time to send Bubbles to her fans?”

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This person said, “4500 won may not be a big amount for you guys, but to the fans who don’t have money, this is not a donation. We paid the money, and your job is to make content, so what are you doing now? If you have time to use Instagram, come to Bubble, too.” 

In addition, the author made an additional post, saying, “Joy kept on behaving like this, but since there are still Bubble contents, I have been holding myself back. You can’t say it was due to your busy schedule. Were you that busy during the two-year break?

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A netizen who saw the post said, “I also canceled my subscription. Other members always post selfies, photos of landscapes and talk about what they did every day on Bubble. Meanwhile, Joy just reuploaded her Instagram photos on Bubble. Sometimes she just made a post on Bubble and left without saying a word. She only boasts about her advertisements on Instagram, so I also unfollowed her account. Please care about your fans.” 

Other fans also reacted, “It’s true that she didn’t communicate with fans for a month. She seems to think spending a short time replying to fans is a waste of time.“, “This is unlike other apps but a paid communication.

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Meanwhile, Red Velvet Joy is publicly dating Crush. She was recently confirmed to appear in JTBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Only One Person.”

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