Fans were touched when realizing the meaning of the numbers on Lee Kwang Soo’s shirt in the last episode of Running Man

The “Running Man” crew touched fans when subtly put this meaningful number in the final episode of farewell to Lee Kwang Soo.

The trailer for the last episode of “Running Man” featuring Lee Kwang Soo made fans unable to hold back their tears. All members were choked up at the moment of saying goodbye to “Saint of Unluckiness” after many years of “running” together as family members.

In the trailer, Kwang Soo’s shirt has the number 3991 written on it. After researching, fans discovered the special meaning of this number.

July 11, 2010 is the day Kwang Soo first appeared as an official member of Running Man. June 13, 2021 is the day “Asian Prince” last appeared as a fixed member of the program. Number 3991 on Kwang Soo’s shirt in the upcoming episode 559, is the number of days Kwang Soo has been with in 11 years of participating in Running Man. It can be seen that the program crew was very subtle when letting “Mr Giraffe” wear this shirt with this number on the last day to say goodbye to everyone.

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