Fans were surprised when they first saw Jungkook exposing his full-of-tattoo arm

Not only tattooed ARMY on his hand, but Jungkook also tattooed his arm with many special symbols.

Jungkook is famous for the title “golden maknae” of BTS and also K-pop.  The male idol possesses outstanding talent and a handsome face.  When he first entered the profession, Jungkook had the innocence of a teenage boy but over time the male idol gradually became more manly.

Jungkook revealed an arm full of tattoos

In episode 125 of Run BTS, Jungkook surprised fans by revealing the tattoos on his right arm.  This is the first time the male idol lifts his sleeves so that fans can see all of his tattoos.

These tattoos have been revealed before, but because Jungkook often wears long sleeves or the image is blurred, so that fans cannot see them clearly. 

Not only the word ARMY (BTS fan community) but there are many other images on Jungkook’s arm.  The most prominent is a rather large eye icon, with a microphone next to it.  The maknae of BTS has many things to express through tattoos, but for fans, it is difficult to understand all the meanings behind them. 

As an idol, should Jungkook get too many tattoos like that?

Debut from 2013, but until 2019, Jungkook got these unique symbols tattooed on his body, this is something he has been wanting for a long time.  Before that, fans discovered about 10 tattoos on Jungkook’s arm, but up to now, no one knows how many drawings are there in his body. 

After seeing Jungkook’s new pictures, fans began to ask questions: Is tattooing beautiful?  Should JungKook get too many tattoos as an idol?

Not only tattooed ARMY on his hand, but Jungkook also tattooed his arm with many special symbols.

No one can judge human dignity through tattoos, a tattooed person is not necessarily a bad person or vice versa.  And so are idols. They also have their own needs and preferences, whether beautiful or not beautiful is based on the perspective of each person.

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