Fans were reportedly harassed, 1000 fans with tickets cannot go in at BTS’s 6th-anniversary event, what is the truth?

Many hashtags on Twitter related to BTS’s latest fanmeeting is gaining attention.

After the fanmeeting to celebrate BTS’s 6th anniversary in Busan on June 15th, the hashtag #BTS5thMUSTER got into the top trend on Twitter, However, negative hashtags related to this event such as #Muster_ExplainYourself are also in the center of attention.

To explain about this negative hashtag, a user has used English to let international ARMY know about the situation. According to this account, some ARMY were sexually harrassed and cat-calling by the security guys, and 1000 fans who have bought tickets but weren’t allowed to go in which badly affected their health physically and mentally.

Another one expressed their anger: “Today is supposed to be a happy for us, why did something like this happen? The members has told us to  trust in them and the agency, that’s why we are asking for an explanation. What happened today is unacceptable and hurtful.

However, because there was nearly no proof to show that the information above are real, ARMYs are doubting the authenticity of it. They also stressed that people need to understand that this had nothing to do with BTS.

Seeing the flow of negative information, some ARMYs at the event has written about their experience that day. The staffs were very nice and they did their job perfectly. The only reason why people weren’ allowed to go in is because those are resell tickets. That was totally those people’s fault because Big Hit has warned about this beforehand.”

Regarding this matterm Big Hit has indeed posted a notice on the fancafe about the fanmeeting’s regulation. According to the post, they have mentioned many times that one won’t be able to gain access to the event if the ticket is a resell or that person fails to prove that their ID fits that of the ticket’s real owner.

Amid such debatable hashtags, ARMY is trying to create a positive one related to a BTS member: #MySinger_Jimin_ThankYou. Even though this hashtag is not in the top trend anymore, it still carries a positive meaning when lots of negative situations are happening.

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