Fans were mad because SM delayed IRENE & SEULGI’s MV without a notice, put their name as… EXO-SC on the homepage

 The debut of the subunit IRENE & SEULGI became less joyful when their MV is still nowhere to be seen, while SM stayed silent for 6 hours.

 July 6 marked the debut of the subunit IRENE & SEULGI officially with the mini album “Monster” featuring the title song of the same name. As the first subunit of Red Velvet, the two girls received great attention and expectation from Kpop fans, but their debut became less joyful for fans due to the disrespect and lack of professionalism of SM Entertainment.

The “Monster” MV of the duo Irene and Seulgi was supposed to be released at 6pm (KST) on July 6th. But SM left fans hanging when the MV was missing even when the physical album was sold, the music was also out on digital music sites. Shortly after SM made a brief announcement on the homepage that “Monster” MV was delayed until 8pm KST on the same day without even explaining the reason.

While the fans were confused, SM made another confusing move… posting the English lyrics MV of this song on Red Velvet’s YouTube channel, although this action might affect Irene and Seulgi’s performance in terms of views.

Not satisfied with the way SM handled, fans had no choice but to wait for another 2 hours. However, at the promised time, the MV of the subunit was still nowhere to be seen. SM even silently… deleted the release time on the homepage. This is no different from an implicit notice that the MV would be delayed indefinitely and be uploaded whenever SM… feels like it!

Not stopping there, SM also drove fans mad when the caption on the homepage introducing the debut of IRENE & SEULGI was mistakenly calling them… EXO-SC. Although the company quickly deleted it afterward, fans already took screenshots and expressed their dissatisfaction when SM made this unnecessary mistake.

At 10pm KST, Red Velvet’s Twitter account still shared the link of Irene and Seulgi’s interview. But the company seemed to be determined to remain silent about the MV release despite fans’ complaints.

 It is worth mentioning that before the “Monster” MV was delayed, IRENE & SEULGI’s debut date was already delayed. Originally, the two girls planned to release their first album on June 15, directly going against IZ*ONE but then SM announced the album’s release date was delayed to July because “it needs more time to complete”. There has been a month for SM to take care of IRENE & SEULGI products before the official release, but the MV still “disappeared”, is that much time still not enough for SM?

The unprofessionalism and irresponsibility of SM with the debut of Red Velvet’s first subunit made the fandom ReVeluv extremely angry. After Wendy’s injury, Red Velvet has not made a comeback for a long time, but when they have a sub unit to comfort fans, they still have to face unfortunate things. Fans then pushed the hashtag #SMAPOLOGIZE to no.5 on worldwide trending.

Fans claim that SM not only disrespect the fans but also show unfair treatment to Irene and Seulgi – who have worked so hard for this debut. The delay of the MV release also made the girls lose view, therefore would directly affect their result on music shows.

 Before IRENE & SEULGI, many SM artists such as SNSD, NCT, WayV,… also had their MVs delayed at the last minute. SNSD had to postpone the comeback date because the data of “Mr.Mr” MV was… missing. However, SM has never been quiet for this long, not issuing a single explanation for 6 hours like what they did to Red Velvet’s “Monster” MV.

Although the MV was delayed, IRENE & SEULGI has had a remarkable achievement both with digital and physical sales. At 10pm (KST), the song “Monster” got 1st place on Bugs and Genie, rising on Melon and Flo, blocking the PAKs that BLACKPINK made with “How You Like That”.

The mini album so far has sold 87,927 copies and this is not the final number. IRENE & SEULGI not only became the girl group’s subunit with the best-selling album in Hanteo history on the first day of release but also broke the sales record for the first day and first week of Red Velvet themselves.

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