Fans were excited about BTS and Charlie Puth’s gorgeous “Fake Love” stage, the god of killing parts Jimin suddenly broke his voice

MBC has gave a special stage to BTS and Charlie Puth.

On the evening of November 6, 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards ceremony was officially celebrated with the participation of thousands of fans and stars. Especially, the collaboration of BTS and Charlie Puth was the stage to which fans have looked forward most.

After the American star performed his song “See You Again,” Charlie Puth made the whole stadium scream continuously during the “We Do not Talk Anymore” performance with Jungkook (BTS). Two talented Korean – American artists have brought a wonderful stage to show off the world’s most famous song.

Finally, fans enjoyed Charlie Puth and Jungkook’s “We Do not Talk Anymore.” 

Besides that, 2018 MGA treated the audience to an awesome “Fake Love” stage, which was extremely virtual and beautiful when using Augmented reality (AR).Therefore, fans were able enjoy a different version of “Fake Love”, softer and more gentle. Above all, this is a wonderful collaboration from Charlie Puth and BTS members.

In addition to the supernatural stage, many people noticed that Jimin suddenly broke his voice in the chorus of “Fake Love”. This made netizen quite surprised when he is one of BTS’ vocalists with the most stable voice.

The moment when Jimin broke his voice
The augmented reality in “Fake Love” performance.
“We Do not Talk Anymore”, “Fake Love” – ​​Charlie Puth & BTS (2018 MGA)

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