Fans were angry because JYP turned Tzuyu into a ‘supporting role’ in Twice’s MV

Fans are upset because Tzuyu is the member with the fewest singing lines and screen time in the group’s Japanese MV ‘Better’.

At 0:00 on November 11, Twice released the MV for the title song “Better” in the group’s seventh Japanese single. “Better” conveyed cheerful, spiritual words of encouragement amid the Covid-19 pandemic, like the title of the song,everything will be better. Although the MV background is quite simple, Twice still brings a cheerful and beautiful image as usual. Besides the positive response to MV Better, there are still many fans of Tzuyu who are dissatisfied with this music video. On Twitter, fans of the Taiwanese female idol trended the keyword #TzuyuDeservesBetter to show their frustration with JYP. According to fans, Tzuyu has few singing lines, and screen time as a “supporting character” of the group. The female idol always has to stand outside despite her outstanding appearance, being the visual of the group. 

Some comments: “Tzuyu is beautiful, has good choreography, has stable live singing but JYP treats her as if she is the most useless in the group”; “I feel tired when the agency always treats Tzuyu badly”; “Although Tzuyu is not the best vocalist in the group, she is stable and is not afraid to sing on the encore stage. But that stupid company always gives her fewest lines and less screentime”; “Tzuyu fans would best stop buying albums if JYP continues to see Tzuyu as a supporting character like this” …

Previously in the album Eyes Wide Open and the song I can’t stop me, Tzuyu’s fans also had a “rage” with JYP. Despite being Twice’s visual, the screentime of the Taiwanese female idol is minimal. She got only 6% of the whole song, of which the majority are back-singing. Tzuyu has a beautiful face and body, but JYP did not invest in her outfits, scenes made Tzuyu less outstanding. The female idol must also have a “bad” pose to balance the group’s height in the poster.

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