Fans trend hashtag #LetEXOenjoyTaiwan to ask Taiwanese EXO-Ls to stop following EXO

Their behavior during EXO’s trip to the country is causing the fan community to shake their heads.

Recently, Taiwanese fans were happy to hear that EXO will come to this beautiful country to film their upcoming reality show. However, when they still haven’t enjoyed the happiness of their idols coming to the country, Taiwanese fans were embarrassed by a few EXO-Ls’ behaviour.

In particular, many fans have followed, photographed, and screamed the members’ names wherever they go. Some even chased after the members’ cars. This behavior has been rated as “out of control” and “infringing on the idol’s privacy.” In order to let EXO enjoy a fun time while filming, the fan community in Taiwan as well as in Korea and other countries are trending the hashtag #LetEXOenjoyTaiwan on Twitter. Currently, this hashtag is in the top 3 trending on Twitter in Korea.

Fans hope that with this hashtag, EXO will be able to have a fun private time in Taiwan before returning to their hectic schedule.