Fans set the goals for BLACKPINK comeback: the ambition to enter Billboard Hot 100 but Youtube target is quite modest?

The milestones that BLACKPINK fans set are gaining the attention of netizens.

 BLACKPINK has released an official teaser for “How You Like That” MV that will be released on June 26.  With just 19 seconds, the YG girlgroup has shaken the Internet with their charm. Not only teasing the catchy sound of the song, the concept and styling of the group is also a hot topic among global fans.

Notably, BLACKPINK is not only known for their unique concepts, but also the series of excellent records.  For a representative from Korea like BLACKPINK, setting records like in previous comebacks is very admirable. Although their awareness is not as strong as some Western stars, the group’s media achievements are truly remarkable.

 Therefore, in order to prepare for a successful comeback, BLINKs (BLACKPINK fandom) has made a record plan for their idol!  Let’s see how fans set the first 24 hours goals for this BLACKPINK comeback.

 iTunes: No. 1 in 50 countries

 On iTunes, “How You Like That” is expected to debut at No.1 in 50 countries.  The highest achievement that BLACKPINK has ever made on iTunes is No.1 in 52 countries with the hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU” released in 2018. With the explosion of the hit song helped BLACKPINK become widely known all over the world, it’s no surprise that this song did so well. A year later “Kill This Love” was unable to overcome shadow of the old hit and only reached 1st place in 36 countries.

Therefore, fans have set the goal for “How You Like That” to get No.1 in 50 countries – an appropriate milestone, enough for fans to do their best!  Of course, this also depends on the public, because BLACKPINK does not own the most powerful fandom, but they always gain the attention of a large number of public listeners. The contribution of this part of audience plays a huge role in the achievements of BLACKPINK in particular and other artists in general.  This of course depends on whether the song’s quality suits the public’s taste or not, and many other objective factors.

 Spotify: 6 million streams

The goal this time for Spotify is not much different from the past record set by the group with “Kill This Love”. With the hit “Kill This Love”, BLACKPINK recorded more than 5 million streams after the first day, setting the record of the song with highest number of streams for a Kpop girl group in the first 24 hours.  Therefore, 6 million streams for this comeback is considered totally possible, allowing BLINKs not to be under too much pressure and may even attain achievements far beyond the set goals.

 Apple Music: Entering Top 50 US

The best result BLACKPINK recorded on the Apple Music platform is No.1 in the US inKpop category.  Although this achievement is good for the group, but not really outstanding compared to the common ground. So fans have set a target for the girls to be able to enter top 50 on the US rankings, which is a reputable category, a measure of the attention given to the girls.

 Billboard Hot 100: debut in Top 20

 One of the most important targets that fans focus the most on is the Billboard Hot 100 – the most important Billboard chart. In the past, Billboard was an unfamiliar concept for Kpop fans. But with the expansion of the Korean music industry, BTS set a record as the first Kpop artist to appear on this chart, up to now, the highest achievement of the group recorded is No.4.

For BLACKPINK, the YG girlgroup once reached #41 on this chart with “Kill This Love”, proving that entering the US market has achieved good results. It is extremely difficult for a Kpop representative to enter this chart due to the language barrier. For example, TWICE is the top girlgroup in Asia, but had to wait for… 5 years of their career to finally debut… # 200 on the Billboard 200.

 So, what BLACKPINK achieved on this chart has proved the group’s reputation in the US.  In this comeback with “How You Like That”, Top 20 is the first week target that BLINKs have set.

 Youtube: 50 million views in the first 24 hours

 Another goal that BLACKPINK fans set is… 50 million views in the first 24 hours on Youtube. This is a surprise to everyone, because even though BLACKPINK is well known as the “YouTube queen”, BLINKs are still humble and set a modest goal. The highest result that BLACKPINK has achieved on this platform is 54 million views in the first 24 hours for “Kill This Love.” After Youtube changed their policy of tightening the record for the first 24 hours, fans have been more worried because the results of BLACKPINK can be affected.

Overall, with a reputation of having set impressive records, BLACKPINK is increasingly proving their talent, asserting their position in the music industry.  With only a day left, BLACKPINK will officially release the single “How You Like That” paving the way for the group’s upcoming music activities.  Looking at the results that the girls have gained since just releasing the teaser, netizens have put a lot of expectation in the YG group. Let’s wait and see if BLACKPINK will bring something special in this comeback with “How You Like That” after more than a year of absence in the music market!

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