BTS’ Jungkook was spotted singing on the street right before their comeback?

BTS is about to have a comeback, but Jungkook was recognized as he was singing in the street. Although wearing simple black clothing, he was still pointed out by the fans.

In this video, Jungkook was wearing black clothing and singing “Lost Star” in the street while he was in Malta Island. The video has become viral among netizens. Even with simple clothing, Jungkook still can’t hide away from his fans’ vision.

Before that, BTS revealed that they would come to Malta to record “BTS Bon Voyage” around Europe. This information has helped the fans confirm that the boy singing in the street with black clothing was definitely Jungkook. High chance is that it will be a scene of the show that BTS is recording.

Fans saw Jungkook singing in the street
Why did BTS’s Jungkook sing in the street?

Not only Jungkook but the whole group was seen in a supermarket as well and fans took the opportunity to take pictures with them. Although they were busy with their special comeback, the BTS members still treated the fans nicely and they were very polite.

Why did BTS’s Jungkook sing in the street?
Why did BTS’s Jungkook sing in the street?

After seeing BTS’s many successful comebacks, fans are highly anticipated with their upcoming return in this August. Hopefully, BTS will bring a new “super masterpiece” for Kpop and soon take over many music charts.

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