Fans raised suspicion that Song Ji Hyo was maltreated in Running Man again

Song Ji Hyo did not have a jacket like other members in Running Man?

Song Ji Hyo is one of the key members in Running Man from the beginning and continues to stick to the show until now, despite unexpected controversy. However, since the two new members Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan appeared, fans have split into two distinct groups: one supporting only the first seven members, the other supporting all of the new and old members.

It is said that, since Jeon So Min appeared, the ace role of Song Ji Hyo has been somehow ignored because the show has given Jeon So Min a lot of screen time. However, some people think that Ji Hyo is less active and talkative, so it is hard for her to be on screen more.

Song Ji Hyo is becoming less important in Running Man

In the latest episode of Running Man, there emerged some questions by fans about Song Ji Hyo‘s receiving unfair treatment. In a challenge, when all of the members have to overcome challenges and there was even mud, most of them fell down.

After that, each person was provided with a towel and a jacket, except for Song Ji Hyo. There were opinions that Song Ji Hyo did not feel cold, so she did not need more clothes. However if observing more carefully, they would realize that her hands tugged into the long sleeve. Later on, Song Ji Hyo put on a towel and in the next challenge, it seems that Yoo Jae Suk has ceded his jacket for Ms. Mong.

Song Ji Hyo fell into mud
However, she did not receive a jacket like other members
She finally put on a towel that somebody gave to her
In the next challenge, it seems that Yoo Jae Suk has ceded his jacket for Ms. Mong

These are just some speculations by fans and maybe only Song Ji Hyo and the show know the truth.

Source: kenh14

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