Fans praised YG Entertainment for having invested more in BlackPink this comeback

The comeback is not officially here yet, but what fans have seen so far is still a good “compensation” after many times YG mistreated BLACKPINK members.

BLACKPINK recently released teaser clips for the remaining two members, Jisoo and Lisa, so all 4 teaser clips of the members have been revealed. Besides the music gradually being teased to make fans curious, the YG girls are gaining attention all over social media thanks to their excellent visuals and aura.

One of the things fans recognized from these teaser clips that YG did for BLACKPINK is a much more aesthetically pleasing and professional way of shooting. Compared to the moving teasers of “DDU-DU DDU-DU” or “Kill This Love”, “How You Like That” is a big plus when the members are shot in close-up and unique angles, the camera also moves creatively and smoothly, is able to completely showcase the outfits and attractive aura of 4 girls. The significant upgrade in quality has become a hot topic.

BLINKs (BLACKPINK fandom) quickly spotted that YG had used the famous GLAMBOT camera for this comeback. This is a high-speed camera on a robot arm that can rotate, lift, tilt at an extremely fast speed, capturing even the smallest movements of those in the frame.

Fans of the American awards such as GRAMMYs, Oscar, MET Gala,… are already familiar with this camera because the GLAMBOT camera robot always shows up at the red carpet of these awards! The most impressive and beautiful moments of celebrities attending these events were always captured by this camera.

Although posing in front of GLAMBOT only took… a few seconds, the outcome always wow the fans because the artists look so stunning! The price of a GLAMBOT as revealed by Bolt Junior manufacturer is up to ~ $275,400 USD. Using this camera just to shoot teasers, YG has invested well in BLACKPINK this time. Watching the teaser videos of BLACKPINK, it is easy to realize that GLAMBOT is a great help.

Not only spending money on the GLAMBOT camera, fans also realized that the background for BLACKPINK teaser clips this time is also much more well-prepared. YG prepared 2 beautiful backgrounds for the girls. Compared to the simple background with a red paper in “Kill This Love”, this is a praiseworthy upgrade!

Although in this BLACKPINK comeback, YG still has many shortcomings, especially to Jisoo when she constantly underwent injustice despite being a member receiving massive attention after the teasers were released, fans are still somewhat relieved after seeing the company’s efforts while preparing for the teasers. Now fans only hope that BLACKPINK will have a smooth and successful comeback, worthy of the long wait for more than 1 year of the girls and fans.

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