Fans point out the bicycle appearing in the behind-the-scenes video of the MV Lovesick Girls looked exactly like G-Dragon’s

It turns out that the leader of BIGBANG went to the filming set for MV Lovesick Girls to support his girlfriend

In recent days, the online community is extremely happy with the dating news of G-Dragon (BIGBANG) and Jennie (BLACKPINK).  This is also a rare Kpop couple supported by a majority of fans.  Recently, fans discovered more interesting details about the relationship of two famous idols.

G-Dragon MV Love sickgirl

Specifically, in the behind-the-scenes video of BLACKPINK’s MV “Lovesick Girls”, in the scene where Jennie played the role of a nurse, a man accidentally entered the frame, causing fans to suspect that this is G-Dragon.

The most obvious proof is his cap.  The cap is said to have the logo “Seoul Olympic 1988” – a specially designed hat made for G-Dragon.  It is known that only G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Kwanghee have these caps and they only used them in private places.

Besides, fans also believed that the bike Rosé and Jisoo rode together belonged to G-Dragon.  From design to shape, that bike looks completely like BIGBANG’s leader bike.

This bike did not appear in the MV Lovesick Girls.  This means that the bike is not a prop for filming at all.  So, whose bike is that? Did G-Dragon ride this bike to the studio to meet Jennie then Rosé and Jisoo borrowed it?

Some comments on social networks:

– G-Dragon takes care of Jennie. So cute!

– I love this couple. I will support them although G-Dragon is my bias.

– Definitely G-Dragon’s bike.  They are so happy as a couple

The information about G-Dragon coming to the set of BLACKPINK’s MV Lovesick Girls has not been confirmed yet.  However, if this is true, it would be a testament to the fact that G-Dragon has a very warm heart.  The leader of BIGBANG was willing to ride a bike to the set, wait and maybe even take care of Jennie while she was filming.  Just thinking about it would make the fans excited

Sources: kenh14

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