Fans overwhelmed with BTS new hair colors

Being regarded as the top celebrities in Korean at the moment, BTS made a hot topic when showing up with new hairstyles.

After 3 weeks of promotion for the third full album “Love Yourself: Tear”, BTS almost hasn’t had any new activities and hardly updated their SNS either. However, yesterday, the hottest boygroup showed up at the 27th Lotte Family Concert and shocked their fans with the attractive new looks, especially their fresh hair color.
This year, Lotte Family Concert was held at Jamsil Olumpic Stadium, the biggest stadium in Korea. Being able to show up and perform in this place is the dream of every artist in this country. The highlight of this concert is the attendance and performances of the top hot idol groups in Korea at this moment, including BTS, EXO, Black Pink, Twice, B1A4, BtoB, etc… BTS was the final artist of the concert. The boygroup of Big Hit performed 6 amazing stages with their full of energy and captivating looks. However, the biggest surprise for audiences and their fans was the change of their hair colors.
Indeed, BTS stole all their fans’s hearts with the super attractive hair colors. Jungkook dyed his hair into hot pink, Jimin tried on a light brown undercut, Jin made a manga prince looks with platinum blonde, V had an attractive peach-blonde mullet, RM showed up with ashy brown hair while Suga and J-Hope burned the stage with their dark brown undercut.
A fan commented that the new hair colors of the boys remind her about each member’s golden age of looks in the past. In fact, every BTS member all had a quite similar hair color or styles to theirs now in their old comebacks at least once. It is Dope for Jungkook; Blood, Sweat and Tears for V, Jimin and Suga; Fire for Jin; DNA for RM and I Need U for J-Hope.
BTS is one of the boygroups who care for and baby their fans the most. When A.R.M.Ys asked them to dye their hair into black for the next album comeback, they really did. The image of BTS in black hair makes the boygroup look like some friendly neighbour oppas. On the other side, when the seven boys dyed their hair with different colors, they really showed their own styles and attractive outstanding looks that not every other idol has.
The new looks of BTS members may surprise their fans, but that’s not the main aim of the change but for the new upcoming activities of the group. Starting with Lotte Family Concert, BTS is going to begin their World Tour which will long for almost a year and start on this August. The fact is during the recent inactive period, BTS did not relax entirely. Besides the most important schedule of World Tour, the male idol group is also busy with many interesting activities and variety shows which are produced by their own agency, BigHit Ent. A.R.M.Y hope that they will soon be able see their idols in Run BTS part II, Summer Package 2018, Bon Voyage the 3rd season, CFs and fansigns. Furthermore, as the members’s revelation, despite their latest comeback in May, BTS is already working hard on their next album.
Being one of the most popular boygroups in Korea in particular in the world in general, BTS always has tight schedules. While trying their best in their job, the boys also need to keep their looks fresh and cool all the time. The new images of BTS have successfully attracts a full attention from Korean netizens. Here we have some outstanding tweets of BTS’s fans on Twitter after watching the performances their idols last night:
“A.R.M.Y’s culture is supporing every single hair style, hair length, and hair color that BTS choose to have no matter what your personal opinions are. As long as they’re happy, we’re happy.”
“After years of keeping his hair dark, even the youngest member Jungkook had dyed his hair with a bright shade of pinkish-red… And I think it’s about to become a new summer hair-color trend.”
Before that, with some photos of his puppy on Twitter, V accidentally revealed his new hair color and made his fans highly excited. A.R.M.Ys had been very curious about the members’s new appearances and hadn’t been able to keep their suriousity down until the concert last night.

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