Fans laugh at Red Velvet cute choreography mistake

Maybe this is the reason why fans keep trying to find the mistakes in their dance performance.

On October 26th, Red Velvet appeared at  Great Music Festival, and performed some of their songs. Fans were extremely excited to see the beauty of the five girls. However, the most noticeable thing was the small mistake that appeared when Red Velvet was performing “Power Up”.

Specifically, in “Power Up”, there is a part when Wendy must go through the ring created by Irene and Seulgi. However, because Seulgi did not lift her hand high enough, Wendy accidentally hit her head lightly. The shocking reaction of Seulgi, Irene and Wendy’s lovely smile created a moment that made fans extremely excited.

The original part.
But the girls made a mistake with cute expressions
Fancam “Power Up” – Wendy (at 0:35)

Some photos of the group at the event:

Source: kenh14

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