Fans got emotional when Mina shared: “I’m afraid of being alone, everyone leaving me here.”

A new trailer for TWICE’s upcoming documentary has just been released.

TWICE will introduce fans to a new documentary called TWICE: Seize the Light in the form of a reality show live broadcasting on YouTube. The episodes will begin to air from April 29.

The show was described, “Nine TWICE girls introduced and revealed the process of forming TWICE – overcoming the difficulties and pressure from the trainee years to become one of the most famous Kpop groups.  The most realistic documentary about the beginning, the present, and the future of TWICE, it features everything you’ve never seen from TWICE.”

Especially in the trailer, TWICE mentioned their first world tour TWICE WORLD TOUR 2019 “TWICE LIGHTS”, and when Mina suddenly took a break from all activities, the tour continued with only 8 members.  Mina also had a notable share that has caused a stir among the fans: “I’m afraid of being alone. Everyone leaving me here”.

Immediately, international fans have spread words of comfort and encouragement to Mina.

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