Fans get mad at the staff’s irresponsibility after members of NCT 127 and ITZY fall on the slippery stage

During a recent Kpop event, both NCT 127 and ITZY faced dangerous incidents on stage that made fans extremely worried.

On October 10, a music event called ‘Onctact 2021 Gangnam Festival K-Pop Concert’ took place with a line-up including famous artists such as Rain, NCT 127, Brave Girls, ITZY, and LABOUM. The 2 MCs of the concert are Leeteuk (Super Junior) and Tiffany (SNSD). Because the current pandemic situation is still complicated, the concert was still held online with no audiences.

Initially the event went quite smoothly until it started raining. As the ‘Gangnam Festival K-Pop Concert 2021’ took place at the rooftop of COEX building in Gangnam district, the artists had outdoor performances. Despite the rain getting heavier, the artists still had to continue performing on the wet and slippery stage, which led members of NCT 127 and ITZY to dangerously slip and fall to the ground.

NCT 127 and ITZY

At the concert, NCT 127 performed their latest title track ‘Sticker’ as well as the b-side ‘Lemonade’ and last year’s hit ‘Kick It’. While performing ‘Kick It’, Jaehyun fell because the stage was too slippery. What worries fans the most is that the fall looked very painful and reflexively the male idol put his left hand on the ground, which could lead to more serious injuries. However, Jaehyun still quickly got up and continued performing as if nothing happened.

Later in the performance of ‘Lemonade’, member Doyoung also slipped and fell to the ground.  Although Doyoung’s fall was not seen on broadcast, a remote camera angle revealed this moment, making fans equally worried.

Not to the point of slipping like Jaehyun and Doyoung, but another NCT 127’s member, Haechan also lost his balance during the performance because the stage was too watery. Johnny also almost fell to the ground while performing ‘Kick It’. NCT 127’s choreography is inherently known for its difficulties, but having to perform in such a condition brings even more risks.

NCT 127 was not the only group that got an accident due to the slippery floor after rain. While performing “SWIPE”, Lia tripped and fell off the stage. Although the accident happened at the side corner of the camera focus, we could still notice she was hurt. However, Lia immediately calmed down, stood up, and continued to perform professionally.

NCT 127 and ITZY
NCT 127 and ITZY

Knowing it was their job as KPOP idols to keep on performing even under the disadvantageous weather situations, fans were still nervous and worried watching their idols performing on the slippery stage. Luckily, no serious accident occurred. But who knows if this bad weather happens again, more dangerous situations may occur, and idols may get injured.

Fans could understand that the event must go on. However, they believed the event organizers should have prepared staff to wipe the stage before every performance. Although the floor could not dry immediately, it would be safer than leaving large puddles of water on stage.

Many fans were worried when seeing the accidents of Lia (ITZY) and members of NCT-127.

Source: Tinnhac

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