Fans feel regretful when looking back at the peak of TWICE Jeong Yeon

Fans regretted that the period of psychological treatment and neck injury caused Jeong Yeon to lose her beauty compared to a few years ago.

Fans feel regretful when looking back at the peak of TWICE Jeong Yeon
The images of Jeong Yeon going to work on May 3, 2019 during TWICE’s Fancy promotion suddenly attracted attention again on Twitter.
Fans think that this is one of her peak periods of beauty. The female idol was praised for her beautiful visuals, tall body and trendy fashion sense.
Jeong Yeon is one of the Korean members with outstanding looks in Twice. The female idol has a small face, attractive eyes, delicate and harmonious facial features.
She always
stood out when appearing thanks to her impressive appearance.
In the years 2016 – 2017, Jeong Yeon was an icon of the “hansome” girl model thanks to her ccool short hair.
She had many flexible expressions and attractive deep eyes. She suited both girly and tomboy concepts
One of her “legendary” moments
Jeong Yeon had an actress-like face and model-like body
At her peak, she often appeared in the top Kpop female idols with the most perfect body
The height of 1.69m and straight legs gave her the nickname “comic character”.

The past images make fans regret because now Jeong Yeon is still in the process of recovering gradually, her appearance cannot return to her peak.

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