Fans exploded with rage when Bobby announced that he is getting married and having a child

The sudden news of iKON Bobby’s becoming a dad has caused great frustration among fans.

On August 20, Bobby uploaded a handwritten letter on his Instagram.

At the beginning of the letter, he said: “I promised to marry the person I love”. He shared, “I’m happy that I now have a new family. However, I feel sorry towards my fans who would be shocked by this sudden news.”

He also expressed, “I should have told you about this earlier, but I’m sorry for the delay because I was worried. To those who are confused and hurt by my announcement, I sincerely apologize to you.” In the end, he promised, “To fans and the members who have been waiting for iKON’s activities, I will try harder and do my best.”

Fans got angry towards Bobby’s sudden announcement of getting married and having a child. They criticized the rapper for the late informing of the news as there is only 1 month left before the child’s birth.

In particular, fans have started selling and passing on goods such as Bobby’s photocards on Twitter and other SNS sites.

A fan sold the solo album that was signed by Bobby and all Bobby’s photocard
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