Fans discovered that Lisa had been to the filming set of Rosé’s MV?

The short clip of a person, believed to be Lisa, appeared at the filming set of Rosé’s MV quickly attracted the attention of netizens.

Rosé‘s solo debut MV On The Ground was released a few days ago.  Besides a series of impressive achievements, interesting stories around also especially attracted the attention of fans.

Recently, BLINKs continue to point out the appearance of a very familiar character at the backstage of Rosé’s MV filming.  Although she covered her face but based on her identity, fans asserted that it was Lisa.

It seems to be a normal screen
But fans believe that the red-circled character is Lisa

A video that appeared on social networks quickly received a lot of attention from fans of BLACKPINK  The clip is cut from “ROSÉ – ‘On The Ground’ M/V MAKING FILM”, temporarily ignoring the main character, the girl with an extremely familiar body in the back is the point that attracts the attention.

After a while, the majority asserted that the high forehead and the tall slim body can only belong to the maknae, Lisa.

Not sure if the character above is exactly Lisa or not, but below the comments, fans are crazy.  Many netizens expressed their excitement, praising the friendship between the two girls born in 1997 of BLACKPINK.

When Lisa had a little rest amid her busy schedule, she personally came to the set to encourage her best friend.  This must not only make Rosé but the group’s fans extremely touched. 

Some prominent comments:

 – BLINKs are so cool, can they realize Lisa with just this video?

– Looks like it’s not Lisa, but a makeup staff

– I think it was Jisoo, she even shot a clip.

– Lisa and Rosé really love each other 

Rosé and Lisa have been close like sisters since their trainee days.  Fans discovered many times that the two girls went out together, took pictures happily, and even protected each other.

On March 14, Lisa also went to the backstage in Inkigayo to support her friend for her first solo stage in her career.  The picture that Rosé posted on Instagram made fans go crazy because the two girls were so cute.

The identity of the character in the video is still a mystery, but whether it is Lisa or not, the friendship between the maknae and Rosé still make fans extremely proud and admired.  Lisa is currently working hard with her individual activities and Rosé is currently focusing on her first solo promotions.  Fans hope that the girls will stay healthy and fulfill their schedules well.

Source: Twitter, Instagram

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