Fans debate about the different reactions of “experts” at Mnet’s Kingdom

The cast of guests that will be in the 3rd round of “Kingdom” is becoming the talk of the town, notably the reaction of juniors idols. 

After the success of Queendom, Mnet decided to continue the second season with a male version called Kingdom.  The show has many new changes, but the audience is not very interested.  Recently, Kingdom continues to cause controversy about the guest lineup in the 3rd round of the competition.

According to the teaser posted by Mnet, the third round of Kingdom will welcome the presence of special guests.  They will monitor the performances of the 6 competing teams and give a rating.  Besides Shindong, Donghae (Super Junior), the appearance of famous dance choreographer Lia Kim also made the audience extremely excited.

However, the rookie idol lineup revealed in the teaser video caused a wave of intense controversy.  Many comments expressed frustration with Mnet’s unexpected move.  In terms of expertise, they think that these young idols are not qualified to evaluate their experienced colleagues.  In particular, Bobby (iKON) won first place in Show Me The Money, and Eunkwang (BTOB) is also the top vocalist in K-pop.  This controversy has not yet ended.

Besides, the junior-senior culture in Korea is quite harsh.  The teams participating in Kingdom have been active for many years.  The “oldest” group is BTOB who has also spent 8 years in the industry.  Therefore, can the rookies give comments and evaluations for the 6 boy groups in Kingdom?

However, there are also opinions that perhaps the juniors are present only to contribute ideas, the final assessment must be discussed together to make a decision.  In addition, this is also an opportunity for rookies to learn from their seniors.  Therefore, people should not jump to conclusions when all is not clear.

The incident became a hot topic of discussion when photos of reactions from experts are spread on social networks.  Obviously, the veteran artists are very calm. Meanwhile, the rookies are extremely excited when watching the performances of 6 teams.

Let’s take a look at the difference between the reaction of special guests:

According to netizens, the above opposite reaction immediately shows who has been active in K-pop for a long time and who is a rookie.  Some netizens think that rookie idols look like they are going to a concert, not attending as “experts”.

Netizens are still talking about Kingdom. On another hand, the audience is extremely excited when Lisa (BLACKPINK) and Miyeon ((G)I-DLE) will appear in this 3rd round to support their seniors. 

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