Fans are worried about Lisa’s solo debut plan because BTS is also about to release a new song at that time

Fans are worried about the female idol’s plans for a solo debut in June because BTS also plans to release a new song simultaneously. 

On April 14, the Meritz Securities Company (based in Korea) revealed the planned report in 2021 of the artists of the four major Kpop entertainment companies, SM – JYP – YG – Big Hit (HYBE)

As for YG, the plan that attracts the most attention is Lisa’s solo debut project.  According to Meritz, Lisa will release her solo single in June, while Black Pink will release a mini-album in October. Treasure will make its comeback in June and September.

Meanwhile, Big Hit is scheduled for BTS to release a single in May and a special album in November. TXT may be able to come back three times this year, including a mini-album in May, a mini-album in September, and a full album in November. The rookie girl group of Bit Hit is expected to debut in July.  Other groups like NU’EST, Seventeen … will all come back this year.

As for SM, Super Junior’s subunit D&E (Dong Hae and Eun Hyuk) and SNSD may both come back in September. SHINee is said to be planning a comeback with a mini-album in November. EXO’s sub-unit, EXO-SC, will release a mini-album in August. NCT 127 and aespa are also planning to make a comeback later this year.

As for JYP, ITZY will release their first full album in November and Twice plans to make two comebacks in June and September. Stray Kids, DAY6 will return in October, 2 PM will come back in September.

Information about the plans of the companies made fans excitedly discussing.  The most attractive details are the upcoming activities of Lisa (Black Pink) and BTS.  According to sources from Korean media, BTS is likely to release a new song on May 28.  Meanwhile, Lisa also plans to go solo in June. If Lisa’s solo debut is close to the BTS comeback, this is a significant “disadvantage” for the female idol.

Lisa is not a famous member in Korea; this is also her first solo music product, so netizens believe that the digital achievement and sale-album of the Thai female idol will definitely not compete with  BTS.

BTS was also praised for the songs with depth in both meaning and artistry.

However, many fans believe that some schedules may not work out as reported by Meritz.  YG also often delays the artist’s activities, so Lisa’s solo time may be moved to August and September. Fans hope YG has the right decision for the release of the female idol’s solo project.

Source: iONE

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