Fans are upset because stylist made Nayeon (TWICE) wear a very short outfit on stage

The story of KPOP idols’ outfits has never been an outdated topic for fans. Recently, netizens on the Pann forum complained about Nayeon’s outfit when performing on a music stage.

Although the outfit under discussion has a sophisticated and beautiful design, but ONCEs are still not satisfied because it is too short, feels like… a swimwear and is not suitable to wear while performing strong choreography on stage. Wearing short clothes like that, but the stylist did not give the oldest member of TWICE safety shorts because when she was dancing, fans could not see any protection under her outfit.

This is not the first time TWICE fans have complained about the members’ revealing outfits. Besides Nayeon, Sana is also a member who often has to wear dangerous outfits on stage. These outfits not only made them perform cautiously but also incited anti-fans to leave comments of sexual harassment toward the young girls.

Netizen commented, “If Hwasa wears this on TV, she will be praised as cool while Nayeon will be cursed”, “But Nayeon looks pretty”, “Actually, Nayeon and Sana’s outfits are too much. Outfits like these do highlight their body but even the shorter members don’t need to wear such short clothes”,”How come many people lately think that safety shorts being shown is normal? I hate this “, etc.

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