Fans are surprised by a Russian phrase on Jimin’s t-shirt: “If he had known, he wouldn’t have worn it”

A Russian phrase written on the t-shirt worn by BTS member Jimin caused Russian fans to startle.

The Empire State Building in New York released a photo commemorating BTS’ visit on its official Instagram on the 22th (KST). However, after the photo was released, fans abroad were talking about the white letters written on Jimin’s t-shirt.

The black T-shirt worn by Jimin has a short Russian phrase printed in white. A fan account with more than 800,000 followers posted a post asking, “Does the word on the Jimin shirt really mean ‘F**k you’ in Russian?” to which Russian fans replied, “Yes.

Fortunately, Russian fans did not take this as a serious matter, but rather see it as a cute incident. One Russian fan defended, “Jimin is innocent. I think he just thought the shape of the letters looks good and wore it“. Another fan also commented, “If Jimin had known what it meant, he wouldn’t have worn it.”

Meanwhile, on the latest chart released by the U.S. Billboard, BTS achieved an impressive feat with its album “Map of the Soul: Persona” ranking 17th on Billboard 200 and its title track “Boy With Luv” ranking 61st on Billboard Hot 100. With this, BTS has simultaneously entered the main album chart and the singles chart for the fifth consecutive week this comeback.

Source: nate

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