Fans are surprised at the ‘ordinary’ thing Taemin wants to do with SHINee members

SHINee Taemin (real name Lee Tae Min) revealed the thing he wants to do with the members.

On April 19th, a new video titled “TAEMIN’s Long time no see (feat.Q&A)” was uploaded on the official Youtube channel of SHINee.


In the released video, Taemin said, “When I’m relaxing at home, I play with my cats Kkoong and Ddaeng, give them treats. I surf the Internet on my computer, I sing while playing the piano. I work out at home on my own”.

He explained, “I’ve become really busy starting working again. So these days, I mostly take my time off at home”.


When asked about the thing he wants to do with SHINee members, Taemin said, “Ah… I really want to live in a dorm again with all the members”.

He regretfully confessed, “Back then, we didn’t know much about each other, so I always thought, ‘I need my own space’.”

Lastly, he added, “But if we go back now, I think we’ll get along way better”.


In response, fans who had been waiting for Taemin’s return commented, “I tried to hold on thinking of the day Lee Taemin came. I treasure this kid so much. Let’s meet each other more often, Taemin”, “I love you all, Taemin and SHINee”, “I accidentally saw a video of Taemin on a variety show and thought he was a nice person. But I liked him even more after seeing his sincerity and amazing appearance as a singer”, etc.


After being discharged from the military on April 4th, Taemin expressed his feelings through an Instagram post, saying “It was the time that allowed me to look back on myself”, adding “Recalling memories of the brilliant days I spent with my fans and also my past self, I think I have lived a valuable life”. 

Taemin was discharged on the 4th after completing his duty as a social service worker. He will meet fans through his upcoming fanmeeting on the 22nd and 23rd.

Source: Wikitree

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