Fans are sending Chen’s albums to SM as trash for a full-scale campaign to ask him to leave EXO

Fans who had been demanding EXO’s Chen to leave the group after the sudden announcement of his wedding are now calling for a full-scale merchandise delivery attack campaign.

Recently on Twitter, EXO fans has caught the eye of everyone as they took proof photos with the hashtag #양심없는 첸 탈퇴해#첸 택배총공 보고 탈퇴해 (#unscrupulous Chen Leave #Look at our disposing campaign and leave)
One fan said, “Everyone, send the CDs away as a full-scale campaign. You’ll get a 100,000 won fine if you throw it as regular trash. “I could not only express my opinion but also get rid of the trash for only a few thousand won, it’s killing two birds with one stone. I didn’t want to know about it anymore.”

Another fan wrote, “Preparation done. All I have to do now is send them away,” along with a picture of the delivery filled with Chen’s albums.

The photos posted on Twitter are usually delivery boxes with phrases such as ” Chen OUT” and ” This is things of a guy whom I’m ashamed I used to like. You don’t have to treat it preciously.”

The package they send will be directed to EXO’s agency, SM Entertainment. Fans want to express their opinions by sending packages containing Chen’s albums at once.

These fans’ campaign spread through online communities, and netizens who saw them said, “I understand why they do it, but if I were them, I would have just quit being a fan,” “I would have understood,” They also said, “they do this laborious act because they have a lot of affection for the group,” “I pity only the staff. If the company kicked him out none of this would happen. The company itself is unbelievable not making him leave the group when fans are so opposing him staying,” and “I get what they are doing. He harvests what he plants. How much betrayal must they have felt sending this to the person they are going to send gifts to.

In January, EXO’s Chen shocked fans by the sudden news of his marriage and the premarital pregnancy, saying, “I have a girlfriend I want to be with for the rest of my life,” hope for fans’ blessings in a handwritten letter posted on EXO’s official fan club community. “As an artist, he will repay you with his consistent hard work,” said SM, showing the agency’s support.

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