Fans are in awe by Rosé (BLACK PINK)’s fast and professional reaction after a technical problem

Some BLINKs even thought that Rosé was doing a new…choreography!

BLACK PINK’s performance at the world biggest music festival Coachella is not just loved by K-Pop fan community but also received a impressive media effect all around the world. According to the Crimson Hexagon, BLACK PINK received the most attention at the first week of Coachella with 77,7%, far surpassed many other big names such as Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, Cardi B,…

BLACK PINK far surpassed other artists to become the name with the most attention on Coachella’s first week.

Apart from their grand-scale performances, the member Rosé is in the spotlight for her smart and quick reaction after a technical problem happened during their stage.


Specifically, during their stage for “Don’t Know What To Do”, while passionately performing, it seemed that Rosé’s earpiece wasn’t working properly which made her unable to hear the MR. However, this incident didn’t fluster the BLACK PINK member. Rosé immediately used her hand to point at her earpiece, signing the technical team in such a graceful and subtle way that the audience didn’t even realize that she was having a technical problem.

“Excuse me, my earpiece, something’s wrong with my earpiece!”
A slower version (pay attention to Rosé’s right hand).

Not just her way of realizing and signaling the team about her problem but also her signal after the earpiece was fixed is charming every fans because it was so professional and cute at the same time!

Rosé nod her head to signal that her earpiece is back to normal.

Audiences at the Coachella and her fans watching live at home couldn’t stop their excitement in front of Rosé’s professional and subtle reaction.

Many BLINKs even mistook that Rosé was doing a new choreography for “Don’t Know What To Do”!
Rosé is indeed a YG’s idol!

Sources: k14

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