Fans are going crazy over BLACKPINK Lisa’s “no bangs” look for “Pink Venom” 

BLACKPINK’s Lisa got rid of her trademark bangs in the teasers for “Pink Venom”. 

YG Entertainment recently released the concept poster and MV teaser for BLACKPINK‘s pre-release single “Pink Venom”, which will be officially released on August 19th.

In the teasers, the four members had different stylings to express two conflicting concepts of “Pink” and “Venom”, which symbolize BLACKPINK. They each showed off their exceptional aura and individuality.

In particular, since her debut, with the exception of a few occasions, Lisa has always had her signature bangs. However, for “Pink Venom”, she flaunted a no-bangs look and transformed into a mature image, capturing fans’ hearts. With pinkish brown hair, half-up hairstyle, and 5-to-5 parted side bangs, Lisa exuded dreamy and unique vibes that made her stand out. 

During BLACKPINK’s guest appearance on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” in the past, Lisa said that she has always kept her bangs since elementary school and would feel uneasy without them. Lisa then made an iconic remark that she would only go bangless if she got paid 10 billion won in a commercial. If it were a 5 billion won commercial, she would be willing to remove half of her bangs.

Source: wikitree

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