Fans are excited about the possibility of Lisa having a solo or featuring in Somi’s new album

Lisa’s suspicious absence in the recent BLACKPINK’s livestream and producer Teddy’s implicit words made fans excited about the possibility of her either having a solo or featuring in the new album of Somi.

BLACKPINK has announced their comeback in June but apparently fans are still not satisfied enough, continue to set up 1001 theories about the members’ activities.  This is quite understandable because the 4 girls have been absent for so long in the music industry. The solo projects that YG promised for a while are still nowhere to be seen. 

This time the focus of rumors has been Lisa.  Recent activities of the BLACKPINK’s main dancer are making fans guess that she will possibly be featuring in Somi’s new album, or maybe even … releasing a solo album.

Fans’ theories started from the reality show “I Am Somi” of The Black Label’s princess. In the studio with Somi, producer Teddy said, “Lisa will record today.”  Based on the timing of Somi’s show filming, fans speculated that this could be mid or late February.

Moreover, in Jennie’s 11-minute livestream at midnight on May 9 in the studio, Rosé and Jisoo appeared, only the maknae was absent. Jennie said that Lisa has a filming schedule and will come later.

Producer Teddy told Lisa to record in the middle of Somi’s show, she also did not appear in the livestream of the 3 BLACKPINK members even though this is a busy time for the group because they are preparing to return in June. This has made fans suspicious that it’s possible that the BLACKPINK’s main dancer will be featured in her junior’s album.  Earlier, Lisa also commented on Somi’s dancing, but was that the actual reason why she showed up at the studio, or was there another secret cause?  What is the female idol preparing for the upcoming comeback?  Or maybe a separate project while being a mentor on the show ‘Youth With You 2’?

Besides forecasting that Lisa has contributed to Somi’s album, many have raised hopes that the “international little sister” and other members will have solo tracks in BLACKPINK’s new album, even prepare to … solo debut.

YG used to promise that after Jennie’s solo, it would be Rosé and Lisa then Jisoo’s turn.  But after 2 years, the main vocal’s solo is still not in sight, while the popularity of the group’s maknae is increasing with various solo schedules. Perhaps YG has decided to prioritize the Thai female idol?

However, fans’ speculations are just … speculations.  With the way of working under a bizarre schedule like YG, fans have been fooled many times, so even though they are extremely looking forward to Lisa featuring in Somi’s album or having a solo song, they don’t dare to put much hope.  On the other hand, BLACKPINK is about to make a comeback and the success of the group is still the #1 priority for fans.  Whether or not Lisa will collaborate with Somi or go solo, let the time answer!

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