Fans are angry because EXO is on hiatus again but SM’s reaction is even more infuriating

SM’s reaction makes them lose faith in an EXO’s comeback in the near future.

Ever since their last comeback with “Love Shot”, EXO still haven’t had any significant project except for solo ones for SM Station of each member.

Chanyeol recently released a solo track “SSFW” through the SM Station project.

Due to this reason, EXO’s fans in China are asking for an explanation from SM, blaming SM for the lack of support and care for EXO’s group and solo schedule.


The hashtag “#sehun_needs_fair_schedules” even got into the top trend on Twitter. Fans expect activities which are well-deserved with what EXO – one of the top names of Hllyu 3rd generation – has done in the past time. However, SM’s reaction to EXO-L’s request is even more infuriating.

Specifically, after a big fansite of Sehun in China – Oh Sehun Bar – expressed their opinion regarding the unfair schedule of their idol, SM has stepped in and deleted that post.

Another fan also wrote a long post to express their thought about EXO being “drowned” by their own agency which made them unable to promote properly.

The long post of an EXO-L to SM:


1 member is about to get enlisted still haven’t got any solo album.
1 member is the main vocal but he only comes to the company to play game.
1 member is an aspiring actor but is not allowed to attend any awards show.
1 member is extremely famous but isn’t promoted to make use of that fame.
1 member is an extremely good dancer but never has the chance to show it.
1 member needs 7 whole years for you guys to allow him a solo album.

1 leader who is working non-stop to perform at many musical theaters where he even won awards but he couldn’t even attend the show without any reason. Another one replaced him got bashed for being cocky and impolite. How will you guys explain this?

1 member is a top idol with rapping skill and awesome visual along with many other good traits but only has a solo track without any promotion.”

We hope that SM will soon have an satisfying answer for all these desperate demands from EXO-L!

Sources: k14

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