Fans are amused by how BTS played by themselves during the “Bang Bang Bang” performance

BTS members have had an interesting reaction to the cover stage “Bang Bang Bang” (BIG BANG) performed by Stray Kids at the GDA 2019.

Not just as one of the most talented and popular in the world, BTS is also well-known as one of the most random and funniest of K-Pop. Withou caring about their images, BTS always possess the most natural and funny reaction in front of the camera which amuses their fans.

Recently, at the Golden Disc Awards 2019 (GDA 2019) on Jan 6th, the 7 boys continued to show their humor through their reaction to the cover performance “Bang Bang Bang” (original song by BIG BANG) of Stray Kids. While other groups were enjoying the performance by silently swaying to the beat, BTS stood up and danced their hearts out.

Among them, the most enthusiastic must be Jin, V, Jimin and RM. J-Hope still controlled himself by joining while sitting down. The youngest Jungkook’s face showed his secondhand-embarrassment while his member was dancing the night away. Finally there’s Suga who kept calm while sitting still the whole time.

RM, Jimin, Jin and V stood up and partied hard during the cover stage “Bang Bang Bang” of Stray Kids.
Jin and V weird interaction while Suga kept on sitting calmly the whole time.
The youngest Jungkook with his i-have-nothing-left-to-say expression towards his brothers.

These humorous and out-of-this-world reactions of the 7 BTS members amused fans. It seems like besides their talent, it’s their sense of humor and enthusiasm that make fans fall in love with them.
BTS’s party during the cover stage “Bang Bang Bang” by Stray Kids at the GDA 2019

Source: K14