Fanmade poster of Kim Seon-ho for movie “Sad Tropics” appeared on the Times Square billboard

Kim Seon-ho ‘forcibly’ advanced to Broadway.

Fanmade poster Sad Tropics

The promotional poster of Kim Seon-ho, who gained a global fandom thanks to the success of drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”, was witnessed appearing on a billboard at Times Square, the most crowded place of Broadway.

This poster is a poster of movie “Sad Tropics” that Kim Seon-ho is currently preparing for. Particularly, it seems to have been made and put on the Times Square electronic display by overseas fans.

On the billboard poster, the charismatic visual of Kim Seon-ho, who seems to be answering the phone, caught attention. Moreover, the words “EMPIRE STAR” also stood out.

Kim Seon-ho

Fans are also posting comments and showing enthusiastic responses under the tweet that uploaded this photo. In other words, this is good news for fans of Kim Seon-ho, who haven’t appeared in public ever since his ‘private life’ scandal.

Kim Seon-ho has constantly received attention as “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” is still enjoying its popularity not only in Asia but also in North America.

Sad Tropics”, which Kim Seon-ho selected as his debut work on the big screen, is an action noir genre film that tells about a boy who was a boxer being chased by mysterious people. Director Park Hoon-jung, who opened a new horizon for the noir genre in Korea by directing successful films, such as “New World”, “The Witch” and “Night in Paradise”, is drawing attention as he will grab the megaphone for “Sad Tropics“. Kim Seon-ho is slowly resuming his activities by recently attending the script reading.

the 2021 Domestic Trending Searches on Google released by Google Korea

Meanwhile, despite temporarily suspending his public activities due to the controversy over his private life, Kim Seon-ho is still receiving keen attention from movie fans not only in Korea but also in foreign countries. Netflix’s original series ‘Squid Game’ and actor Kim Seon-ho ranked No.3 and No.6, respectively, in the 2021 Domestic Trending Searches on Google released by Google Korea on December 9th, proving his star power.

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