Fan shocked at the lyrics of the latest EXO song: Will Lay actually leave the group?

After listening to EXO’s new song, many netizens have guessed whether Lay will stay or leave the group in the future.

On the 18th of December (local time), EXO officially released the MV for “Love Shot” and the album of the same name. This is EXO‘s second comeback after “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo“. “Love Shot” is a very sexy music product from the melody to the choreography.

This music product continues to lack Lay – the only member of EXO from China. However, what is interesting is the lyrics of the song. The song “Love Shot” is available in Korean and Chinese versions. The song is rated best in the part that D.O. sings: “People come and people go” in the middle, which is translated “We choose to leave at this time.” in the Chinese version. The song makes fans extremely confused and afraid of a future that Lay will leave EXO.

After being happy when Lay appeared on their recent album, “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo,” fans continue to be disappointed with what the netizens predicted after EXO released their new song ” Love Shot “.

However, others have always believed that Lay will never leave the group because the love he has for the fans and EXO members is immense. Fans have always believed that Lay will return to EXO at an appropriate time.

The special line in “Love Shot” makes fans more suspicious of a future when Lay will leave EXO.

MV “Love Shot” – EXO

Source: Kenh14

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