Fan N Star holds a surprise project “0327 birthday” for BLACKPINK Lisa

Congratulatory ads “Happy Lisa Day!” will be achieved when 20,000 rainbow stars are gathered on Fan N Star.

The idol weekly ranking site “Fan N Star” has been holding a surprise support event for BLACKPINK Lisa since February 17th. This is a global fan project to gain advertisements celebrating Lisa’s birthday in various places.

The success of Lisa’s birthday project will be confirmed by the number of rainbow stars (points that can be collected on the website) donated by fans. When more than 20,000 stars are gathered, an advertisement project to congratulate on Lisa’s birthday will be held.


When the number of stars reaches 20000, a congratulatory video will be screened on the CM Board at Hapjeong Subway station in Seoul. When 55000 stars are gathered, a congratulatory video will also be released on the Shinokubo electronic display in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. In addition, super-special gifts, such as Hongdae MScreen ads, Jamsil large digital electronic display, and Seoul bus ads are also being prepared.

The event runs until the 13th of next month. Fans can participate in the project by visiting the ADs section on “Fan N Star” website.

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