Fan made an unboxing video of the new TWICE’s album and found out… hasn’t got the CD inside

An extraordinary situation happened to TWICE’s fan when he opened the idol’s newest album.

TWICE officially released the special album titled “Summer Nights” on July 9. The hardcover album has 3 editions – A, B and C. Recently, a fan of JYP’s girl group bought all of 3 version and carried out a unboxing video of TWICE’s latest album. However, when opening the third version of Summer Nights, he found out that the album was minus a CD.

(TWICE) 2nd Special Album "Summer Nights" Opening x10
Three version of album “Summer night”
(TWICE) 2nd Special Album "Summer Nights" Opening x10
A version is complete with everything
(TWICE) 2nd Special Album "Summer Nights" Opening x10
B version also doesn’t lack anything.
(TWICE) 2nd Special Album "Summer Nights" Opening x10
….but there was no CD inside the C version

Unboxing video album ”Summer Night” of TWICE made by SQ K-pop on Youtube

The fact that the C version has no CD in the video made many fans get into a panic because many of them ordered this version too. Some netizens suggest the video owner should request a refund from the store or website he purchased from due to the JYP’s mistake.

-“No CD huhuhu?
-“ What if my album arrives with no cd? I ordered version c too omg”
-“Oh.. God.. That’s too bad Sam. Find to get a “No CD Album” refund!”
-“ I dunno what I would feel if i found out there’s no cd in my album”
-“ You should ask for a refund Sam. You have a video proof.”

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