Fan criticized Red Velvet’s stylist for letting Joy wear a “dangerous” dress

They also said SM should consider replacing Red Velvet’s stylists.

On June 6th, Red Velvet is one among the artists who performed at the Kpop World Music Festival at Manila, Philippines. After photos of Red Velvet at the event was uploaded on SNS, fans are showing their disappointment toward the stylist team.

Joy was given a polka-dot bodycon dress.

Specifically, the dress Joy was given is considered as unfitted for performances with strong choreography. Fans also said it was too tight for Joy’s physique and an incident could have happened easily. Many has asked SM to replace Red Velvet’s stylist to prevent situation like thing from happening again.

This dress is a design of For Love and Lemon, a brand from the U.S.

Some comments on Instiz said: “What would they do if the buttons went loose? So dangerous”; “Could Joy even breathe in that dress? She seems uncomfortable in it”; “This is how the SM’s stylists said they wanted to quit”; “Red Velvet’s stylists have already received lots of complaint. I wonder why SM still haven’t replaced them”; “Joy is gorgeous but that outfit is not”; “That dress only fits those with a slim body”,…

This is not the first time Red Velvet’s stylists are bashed. Before this, the SM girl group has had to wear lots ot clothes which are either to revealing or too weird. Fans are angry because why does a big agency like SM couldn’t find a better stylists for Red Velvet when this is affecting the girls’ image in front of their rivals: TWICE and BLACKPINK.

At an event in March, fans are shocked by the unfashionable and weird outfits that Red Velvet was wearing.
Their outfits are usually criticized as being old-fashioned, or too flamboyant.

Source: iOne

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