Fan asked Ariana Grande whether she knows about BLACK PINK or not and her surprising answer

Both names will appear at the world biggest music festival Coachella.

The annual Coachella this year will start from April 12th and end on April 21st. Besides the world famous name, Coachella 2019 welcome the first appearance of a Korean group which is BLACK PINK. According to the schedule of the festival, the 4 girls will appear along with many artists lead by the rapper who won 4 Grammys Childish Gambino on April 12th and 19th.

The schedule of Coachella 2019.

Before BLACK PINK fans can be excited about the festival, another good news has come to them when Ariana Grande – 1 of the 3 main hosts of Coachella confirmed her meeting with the YG girls..

Specifically, a fan asked Ariana: “Do you know who BLACK PINK is?…They are gonna be at Coachella by the way”. The female diva then replied enthusiastically: “Yes, I do. I know, imma try to see them the second week”. This excites fans about a meeting a furthermore, a new collaboration between the 2 hottest representatives of US-UK pop and K-Pop.

Ariana Grande’s surprising answer.

Let’s wait for the moment they meet each other in the future!
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