Famous MC Jun Hyun Moo confesses that BLACKPINK Jisoo’s beauty make him stop breathing

MC Jun Hyun Moo said that Ji Soo (Black Pink) is the most beautiful female star he has ever met.

On the March 31 broadcast of TMI News, MC Jun Hyun Moo, Ha Sung Woon and Jun Jin (Shinhwa) talked about who they believe are the most beautiful celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry. Jun Jin shared, “In my time, members of Fin.K.L, S.E.S, Baby V.O.X were the prettiest. However, I didn’t really like singers or actresses at that time.”

Jun Hyun Moo expressed: “I’m not an idol, so I’ll talk more comfortably. The moment that makes me hold my breath is when I see BLACKPINK’s Jisoo in real life. I was surprised. I did not think she is human.  At that time I went to the waiting room of Wednesday Food Talk and the moment I met Jisoo seemed unrealistic.”

After listening to Jun Hyun Moo’s share, Jun Jin said: “She must be your ideal type. Jennie is also pretty, everyone is pretty. But you said Jisoo is so beautiful”.  Jun Hyun Moo replied, “I held my breath that day. I was stunned. At that time, I realized there was someone who could shock me like that.”

Jun Hyun Moo once met Ji Soo at the show “Wednesday Food Talk” in 2017.

Jun Hyun Moo’s sharing received approval from Jisoo fans.  Many fans who have met the female idol in real life say that she is much prettier than in the pictures.

Jisoo’s unedited photo
Jisoo’s unedited photo

This is not the first time Jisoo has received praise from colleagues for her beauty. In 2019, Nancy (Momoland) also chose Jisoo as the celebrity she found “prettier than other group members”.  “I used to only see her as an MC, but she’s really pretty in real life. I think she is so beautiful that nothing can capture that charm. She on the picture is already pretty  but in real life she is even much more beautiful”. 

Many male stars in the entertainment industry also choose Ji Soo as the ideal model.  Kyu Hyun (Super Junior) once confessed his ideal type as “a pure beautiful woman with high bun hair”, and chose Jisoo as the female star closest to this standard.  Similarly, in a TV show, male singer Kim Samuel also chose Jisoo as the ideal model.

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